Chief Executive Officer, Sales & Marketing • Karl Mattingly
Karl is the founding partner of Dysrupt Labs. Educated in Australia, Asia and the USA, Karl is a CPA with an MBA from Columbia University. During a 25-year career as a senior banking professional in Australia and the United States he developed significant expertise in judgment based risk assessment.

Chief Financial Officer, Sales & Marketing• Ian Clark
Ian joined Dysrupt Labs in 2015 and is a chartered accountant and has previously been the CFO of an Australian listed public technology company, an Australian Federal Government Agency, and COO of an Australian cyber-security company.

Head of Operations • Rowena Hutchins
Rowena joined the Dysrupt Labs team in 2015.  She is an engineer by profession and has worked across a broad range of disciplines (including manufacturing, government and banking) in Australia and Europe. She holds additional qualifications in finance and project management. Rowena is a strategic thinker who is able to link high level ideas to rigorous data analysis, using strong analytical skills. She has played key roles in developing new business structures and implementing very large scale change projects.

Head of Research • Frederik Bossaerts
Frederik joined Dysrupt Labs in 2017. He has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering with a Minor in Economics from Purdue University. He has previously interned at FlexiMarkets, as well as the Swiss Plasma Center at EPFL. His research interests are in the mechanics of price formation in prediction markets and the detection of expert traders.

Head of Development • Dr Chad Nash
Chad joined Dysrupt Labs in 2015.  He has a Ph.D in Theoretical Physics and has been working in object oriented software design and development for 26 years. Chad was part of the first OO team in Australia and has worked with most OO languages. Chad has worked in a diverse range of industries from manufacturing through government to banking and finance. Is an expert in financial software design and build, a quant, and founded and built Stafford Mackenzie software developer.