Collectively forecasting the future...

Dysrupt Labs is a private company that unlocks the capacity for organisations to commercially access collective intelligence. 

Almanis was our first platform launched in November 2015. It is a free global forecasting site that exhibits remarkable calibration. By this we mean that if Almanis forecasts an 80% likelihood of an event happening, then 8 in ten times the event will occur and conversely 2 in ten times it will not. 

In November 2016 we launched Percypt - our private instance of Almanis which helps organisations get more accurate, timely and valuable forecasts by harnessing the combined insights of their people and networks.

Each line of business at Dysrupt Labs builds on our research into collective intelligence, dramatically improving both forecasting accuracy and the timeliness of important information inputs to decision makers. 

What is collective intelligence?

Collective intelligence emerges from the collaboration and opinions of a group of individuals.

Forecasts are a critical input to the everyday judgments and decisions that managements need to make. 

Reliance on experts for forecasts comes at a cost because the perspective of experts is often incomplete or biased and subject to groupthink, making it less accurate. 

Scientific studies have repeatedly demonstrated that in forecasting and estimation, collective forecasting outperforms that of traditional experts operating alone or in hierarchies.